American Idol winner 2010 Review of the Final of Season 9

The final two contestants competing for the title of American Idol, 2010 were Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox. The finale was full of musical artists, dancers, past winners, and past contestants. It may have been the most spectacular and entertaining of all the previous finales. The show ran over the 10:00 p.m. time schedule and the winner was not announced until the end. Aside from announcing the winner it was also a farewell to American Idol Judge Simon Cowell.

In the end there can be only one winner – and, it was Lee DeWyze. When his name was announced it was obvious he was clearly shocked. He walked around, almost as if he was dazed, as confetti covered everyone on the stage. He then composed himself in order to sing the final song of the evening.


To some, it might have seen as though the many guest artists were from past eras such as Chicago, Hall & Oates, Alice Cooper, Janet Jackson among others. Still, they blended in with the Idol past contestants and performed songs that really pleased the audience. Also on hand was last year’s Idol, Kris Allen who performed his song, “The Truth.” Barry and Robin Gibb, singing “How Deep Is Your Love” were joined by former contestants Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly. One of the memorable numbers of the night was the joining of Bowersox and Alanis Morrissette. Another memorable song was Chicago performing, “Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is,” being joined by DeWyze.

Winner DeWyze, the 24 year old, is from Mount Prospect, Illinois. He previously released two albums on the independent record label WuLi Records. The first was named “So I’m Told,” in 2007 followed by “Slumberland” earlier this year. DeWyze had been working as a paint salesman. Although he attended both Prospect High School and Forest View Alternative School he never completed his senior year.


One thought on “American Idol winner 2010 Review of the Final of Season 9”

  1. Congratulation to Lee DeWyze who won the american idol 2010 amazingly. I knew you will win before the finale.

    American did make the right choice. I was very happy for the victory thus far, and i hope you will have a great future

    For Crystal Bowersox you are awesome too, although you were the runner-up of american idol, i am very happy for you too.

    Both Lee and you will have a great future and i hope that both of you will record song for me to hear.

    I love both of you,


    Stephanie Larissa Anne

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