Cheryl Cole set to be US X Factor Judge

Cheryl Cole is being lined up to be a Judge on the US Version of the X Factor. In recent weeks it was thought that Cheryl Cole would not get the Judge role as she is not famous enough in the US. However the News of The World report that she is looking to become as famous as J-Lo who has now become a judge on American Idol. Jennifer Lopez has seen her US Career be kick started after performing her new single “on this floor” on American Idol.

Cheryl Cole is expected to use X Factor as a springboard for her own music career in the US. Fox and Simon Cowell have put together a detail plan to make Cheryl a household name across the US within a year. They expect her to be in huge demand by celeb magazines and TV Channel, she will become a pop culture star. It is thought that Cole is living in Ryan Seacrests home. Ryan hosts American Idol. The connection being that Ryan Seacrest is dating Cheryl current boyfriend Derek Hough’s sister.
Ryan Seacrest is credited as one of the reasons American Idol bercome the Phenomenal success as he hosted the show. It will not be the first time Simon Cowell has taken a UK Star to the states as a unknown and made them a star. Piers Morgan was unknown in the US before he judged Americas Got Talent, he is now working for CNN after taking over from the legend Larry King.

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