England Rugby Team liked shamed rock stars

The England Rugby team left the world cup last year in shame, they were well beaten by France, but there off the field antics caused more headlines than their rugby performance. You can still buy England Rugby Tickets but will you want to after what they got up to at the world cup.
England rugby shame flops were more upset about losing the money the game in their World Cup quarter-final.
A surprisingly high player said in the locker room after being beaten by France: “There are 35 thousand pounds to spend in the toilet.”
The remark was outrageous revealed yesterday that disclosed confidential documents exposed greed, drunkenness, fighting and lack of discipline that destroyed the country of England in New Zealand.
The three reports – one by officials of rugby, one of the Premiership clubs in England, and one of the anonymous comments by players – run to 101 pages devastating.
Greed: A delegation of senior players – led by skipper Lewis Moody – questioned how much money the team received.
They even threatened to boycott a dinner on the eve of their departure, taking the Rugby Football Union hostage.
Career of shame Mike Tindall is England is having been dumped for flirting with a blonde on a World Cup knees-up.
Tindall – Phillips married to the Queen’s granddaughter Zara – ax yesterday the England team after an investigation.

Experts said the 11-year ban ended the former captain of his career in England – during which he earned 75 caps and included the 2003 World Cup triumph. Ex-England star Phil Greening said: “It will be the end.”
Tindall, 33, was also fined £ 25 000 for violating discipline team during the World Cup in New Zealand.
CCTV … Jessica Palmer with Mike Tindall
He was captured on CCTV antics with his ex-girlfriend Jessica Palmer just six weeks after marrying Zara.

The ACE was stony face yesterday as he left his house £ 800 000 in Cheltenham, Gloucs – Zara with a dark-looking next to him in his Range Rover.
RFU boss Rob Andrew said: “Some of the senior players were more focused on money rather than getting the right rugby.”
And a player admitted: “Too many players chasing riders.”

Boozing: old stars were bent on nights out and insisted on drinking games to get drunk faster.
One player said: “If these are the top players leading drinking games or drinking until they can not remember anything, it is such younger players?”

Another said, “we behaved like everyone else must comply with all of our needs Sometimes we were stupid and reckless ..”
The antics led to vice captain and grand-son of the Queen’s brother Mike Tindall drunken antics to be taken with a blonde in “night dwarf” a nightclub.
In another incident, a center of Manu Tuilagia was fined after wildly plunging into the sea off a ferry.
Ashamed … Tindall and a blonde in the club

DISCIPLINE: Players slammed head coach Martin Johnson, who resigned last week. One said: “I guess we just wanted Johnno b ****** s have to take action, especially after the night he was too faithful Tindall, who was its fall..” Another said: “There was a culture where it was not cool to train hard.
Quarrels: Captain Moody was exhausted.

One player said: “We have not really had a good captain Moody loved Johnno as he left the negotiations team Johnno It was not very good at them, just f **** da lot … ”
Last night there was fury at the top of the game – and not the tour chaotic, but the leak of documents that reveal the truth.

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