Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons

Packers vs. Falcons Tickets
For NFL fans, Christmas is just a primer for the real highlight of the winter: The playoffs! Atlanta Falcons tickets are the hottest thing in Georgia, as the team heads into the divisional playoff round against the Green Bay Packers. With two young quarterbacks who are rapidly approaching the class of the league, in the Packer’s Aaron Rodgers and the Falcon’s Matt Ryan, the game promises to be hard-fought and thrilling. Clay Matthews, one of the premier defenders in the league will seek to minimize Ryan’s effectiveness with his relentless rushes as Ryan seeks to find standout receiver Dez White and hall of fame lock Tony Gonzalez for strikes deep down the field. Hot NFL Tickets at
Aaron Rodgers will inevitably seek to find holes in the Falcon’s defense with his legs as well as his arm, skillfully balancing patience with opportunistic scrambling to seek out his own formidable receiving core, anchored by Donald Driver, who has looked younger than ever this season.
These can’t-miss Falcons tickets are available at! What could help ease the winter doldrums, and back-to-work blues better than Atlanta Falcons tickets to this game, which promises to put the highest level of skill and excitement on display for NFL fans come January 16, 2011!

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