John Lewis Sale beats their rivals

John Lewis are the darlings of the high street, having just posted their chrismas sales with them racking in £593m before christmas. Their 90 second John Lewis TV advert has been credited with their booming success.

John Lewis Christmas Advert

The advert became a youtube and social media smash, and has helped them record their best ever christmas sales. They now have their John Lewis Sale also known as the John Lewis Clearance
Strong sales of clothing and electrical goods stores have helped more than $ 500 million in the accumulation of holidays.
The cost of John Lewis announced £ 6 million to make – but it helped to make 600 million books for sale near pre-Christmas
Details of reference, which operates 35 stores, said sales rose 9.3 per cent to £ 596million in five weeks to Dec. 31, up from 9.3 percent the previous year and 6.2 per percent higher in a directly comparable basis.
Online revenues increased 28 percent, boosted by a near doubling of the number of buyers with your mouse and pick up service, while an equal footing as sales, which exclude new stores, rose 6 percent.
The ad, featuring a seven-year forward to the day until you can give your parents, their present on Christmas morning, became a social media sensation after its release in November.
Retail experts said the fantastic success of advertising, called the long wait, has contributed to remarkable sales figures from John Lewis, who has resisted the tendency to depression also dramatically from the main street.
Contrary to the negative of the other to follow the trend of the main street of the great pre-Christmas discounts led to a decline in sales.
Fashion has entered a “disappointing” actual results of sales from sales of the main road between August and Christmas, causing a drop in its share price.
Strong sales of clothing and electrical goods stores helped John Lewis to take over U.S. $ 500 000 000 The figures show that sales dropped below 2.7 percent over the previous year, despite last year’s figures, to be beaten by the cold. But the group, which operates 520 stores, was praised by the power of Internet commerce, an increase of 16.9 percent in its online business directory and catalog. Total sales for the next mark was 3.1 percent higher, in line with its forecast in November.
Despite the last week before Christmas has been strong, total sales in November and December were “disappointing” because he refused to rule out actions and keep their profit margins.
However, many people have left their shopping after Christmas, when then put into a high-profile sales, who said he was “doing well”.
Then, that was one of the best interpreters of the FTSE 100 last year, has seen falling from 5 percent. Rivals, Marks & Spencer fell by 2 percent.
The group lowered its forecast for full year profits of £ 7,000,000 on each side of £ 565 000 000, compared to £ 551million last year.
however, this gain next year are shown a slight improvement in the midst of difficulties for consumers.
Strong sales of John Lewis and iPads Kindle, cashmere sweaters and bedding.
The period saw its sales record last week when it was £ 133.1 million in the seven days to December 17.
However, there was a decline in sales in the week after Christmas, because it gave strong comparisons with the previous year when people rushed to buy expensive items, ahead of the increase in VAT to 20 percent .
Managing Director Andy Street said: “Sales for the four weeks of Christmas Eve were outstanding.
Before Christmas, John Lewis sales flattered by the number softer last year, when the climate of the Arctic buyers remain in the country.
Perfume has proved to be a popular gift before Christmas and represent half of all sales of beauty in a week. The group said it has sold enough of Chanel No. 5 and Coco Mademoiselle to fill 3600 glasses of champagne. Christmas Day Sales

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