Lady Gaga protests against censorship

Lady Gaga has made a stand against censorship. After lyrics to her Born This Way were edited in Malaysia. Lady Gaga is encouraging fans to protest against censorship from Malaysian radio stations, who are playing cut versions of her “Born This Way” Single as it promotes acceptance of hay people. Lady Gaga was quoted this week as saying it was fans ” duty as young people to have their voices heard”, The songs says “no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian trans gendered life, you were born this way”. Lady Gaga says you must do all you can to help makes society liberated. Gags was talking at a Q+A at Google headquarters in California. She talked about her new album and how she will direct her video for new single “Judas”. She called her new album “avant-garde techno rock” She says the new album is fun to dance to, bizarrely she described the new album as a techno record with with “Def Leppard style” rock choruses. She says there is lots of rock influence, but it is still a electronic dance album also! Gaga also talked about cooking Iggy Pop and Yoga.
People have learned to expect very little of us, so I think me and my body and my brain are very proud to be here today,” she said.And she revealed how her dad had asked her not to get any tattoos on the right side of her body.

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