Meet Our Team

Martin Nicholson Editor & News Co-ordinator

Martin has been involved in Online Music Writing for the last 10 years and has a
passion for getting news published quickly.

Martin Warn Owner and Publisher

Martin has been writing about music festivals since 1996 when he attended the
V96 music festival in his home town of Chelmsford.

Nick Fox

A passionate music writer who trained in Music Journalism at Columbia University
in the City of New York US, and now provides our weekly UK Tour New Stories.

John Scott

A fellow American coming from Houston Texas. John trained at the
University of Houston; School of Journalism and like Nick provides our Concert
Tour stories, as well as doing research on Music Stories for the rest of the

John Chappel

A graduate of University of Brighton getting a degree in Music Journalism. Loves
Indies Music

Rebecca Kaka

is our Intern and specialises in News Stories on up and coming Bands

Rachael Nichols

Is a passionate music fan who provides us with tour
stoires as well as general music new stories

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