Pinkpop 2008 Review

Pink Pop 2008 was amazing all round
My First EU Festival and well i was in for a treat

Friday saw Metallica Main stage and was absolutly incredible with all the songs i wanted them to play (one, enter sandman, seek and destroy and master of puppets) all being played. to boot the fireworks as well was a really good touch

Saturday my day started by going to watch Eagles of Death Metal, who really were a band that impressed me the most at Pinkpop, considering i had not heard them before, the lead singer worked the crowd well and enjoyed being out there saying that this was the best show they had been too so far.
After Eagles, editors took to the main stage and they really did put on a great show playing a good mix of new and older material and everyone really got into it.
Next up was the Kaiser Chiefs who i was very much looking forward too, with everyday i love you less and less, Everything average nowadays and na na na na to start really got the crowd going. they also treated us to a new track which really sounded good, new album must be something to check out. The rest of set was quite memorable with the lead singer running into the crowd and also climbing up the set to psych the crowd up. Then Came the Foo’s who literally blew us all away with breakout and learn to fly coming quite early. also with songs such as one by one, monkey rench and there goes my hero really made the show
the guys really ran through their tunes with also great drum solo efforts

On Sunday the place was absolutly mobbed awaiting Rage, 94000 ppl apparantly attended this day
But As well as Rage other bands was playing as well
Cavalera Conspiracy took to the 2nd stage at about 2pm and they really put on a wild chaotic show, which i am sure was a good early warm up to rage. alanis morrisette on the main stage was good to see, but the crowd wasnt there to see her, so really didnt get much of a reaction. same could be said about gavin degraw and racoon
Serj Tankian on 2nd stage really rocked the place as well with empty walls creating a good bit of activity at the front.
Before Rage, QOTSA graced us with their presence and with sick sick sick, little sister, no one knows and many more played you can see why they always come back to Europe and are always welcome. I seen them 5 times in the UK, seeing them at Reading as well, and would go again and again.

Then the set was stage, Rage against the Machine was next. the crowd was really hyped up and ready for this. They came on in Guantanamo bay prison outfits wearing balaclavas and stood out infront with WW2 sirens blaring out the speakers, then roadies came and armed them with their instruments and the boys played bombtrack still with balaclavas on! how zach sounded so amazing with a balaclava on was truly something.
Long pause before they returned in normal gear to play testify
the pit circles was bouncing the place was buzzing.
Many more classic just kept coming
guerilla radio, people in the sun, bullet in your head, know your enemy, wake up, the crowd was soaking it right up and was truly wonderful to see the boys back. The rubbish easyjet flight i took to get here was so worth it now seeing Rage Live.
During Wake up Zach spoke to the crowd with one of his amazing speeches about how that european ppl stood up to the governments and didnt join bush with war on iraq and he proceeded to say how britain did, and blair has been kicked out. Spain did and their PM has been kicked out. Everyone else in europe spoke out and made the difference and he thanked us all
After a very long pause they encore we so really wanted happend and the guys came back out and played Freedom
After Freedom, Came Killing in the Name off, was so looking forward to this tune, but part of me knew it be their last song. But truly was a great track and 94000+ singing “fuck you i wont do what you tell me ” really is the moment that caps off this performance, festival and the whole of Pinkpop 2008
Best festival i have ever been too and well i got to go through it all again at Reading in August Cannot Wait

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