RHCP return to UK

When a band member is released, it is often a chance for some new blood a new spark to inject into the band’s music, especially when the band in question was on the road for almost three decades. The opposite of what is, but sometimes as a huge creative force departure can result in tire materials and produce less when it comes to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, they have suffered when they lost John Frusciante first times, they can survive a second?
The Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced that they will play a free show in London next month. The performance is taking place at Koko on September 2. The group is to give away all the tickets through a ballot at random. Red Hot Chili Peppers Tickets

The show takes place through a partnership with BBC Radio 1. Fans can look forward to apply for tickets to BBC.co.uk Sunday, August 21 deadline, when the application process will end.

The free for a longer term in November for the group in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Peppers recently his latest hit, “The Adventures of Maggie Rain Dance” earlier this month.

United States, the group recently made a surprise show at the top of a rooftop in Venice, California, outside Los Angeles. They were there to watch the video for “Maggie” filming.

Their last album, I’m with you, is scheduled for a release date August 30.
Almost. You see, the biggest problem is simply a RCHP the struggle for relevance. Californication is a good record, and a triumphant return for a group with a story in the controversy and self-destruction, however, records that made it like a slow fall from grace, with the result that the hot , Stadium Arcadium exaggerated and simply boring. Red Hot Chili Pepper Tour 2011 RHCP London

I’m sure with you suffering from the absence of John F, and although not a gaping hole, it is nevertheless significant. Example of that would be sure fire winners with John on guitar, as “Ethiopia” and “Goodbye Hooray” is left, well, a bit dull. New guitarist Josh Klinghoffer playing Fruscriante emulation side steps, I’m sure it’s a great victory for personal rights, but most of what can be done with the John F complex funk / rock style.

It’s not all bad, however. In fact, one of the best songs from Red Hot Chili Peppers ever put their name to “Death Song Brendon” and illustrates the shedding of their old style funk for a straighter approach to the rock, shows a strange giddiness that level, we never seen the tape. Furthermore, “Monarch of Roses” shows a darker side of the band, but more pop, and show that the band can and do, engage with their new guitarist.

Piano and keyboard will appear for the first time on a map of Chile with mixed results. Klinghoffer is itself a good player, while Flea seems to have achieved a certain proficiency in the period between the last record and this one, and although it is a string to their bow adds, it is not always bear fruit. “Happiness Loves Company” may literally a rock piano, there was no choral Kiedis’ the nature of the gray we’d come to expect from RCHP over the years when they abandoned their wait. Meanwhile, “Even If you Brutus? Piano tinkering with better prices, give us one of the highlights of the files.

What I show you that the way of the funk rock of the former show a new freshness, but do it with mixed results. In other words, it’s not enough air from the top drawer anyway call. It could have been from the beginning of something new for Chile, but if they sixty songs for the album and it’s the best fourteen of this lot, then there is definitely something wrong there.

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